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5 Nail Tricks Every Gal Should Know

5 Nail Tricks Every Gal Should Know

1. How to: get glitter nail polish off
Removing glitter nail polish takes all the fun out of wearing it. So brush a thin coat of PVA on your nail before applying and voila – you can peel it all off in one swift movement without making it through half a bottle of acetone.

nail-art-get glitter nail polish off

2. How to: revive gloopy nail polish


3. How to: create your own glitter nail polish
To master the easiest nail art ever, sprinkle some eye shadow pigments or glitters on top of your clear base coat. Leave to set before sealing it with a top coat.


4. How to: fix a broken nail
Broken nail you don’t want to cut down? Reinforce it by cutting a nail sized piece of tea bag and placing it on top of a wet base coat like a sticker. Trim the overhang, apply another base coat then conceal it with your chosen colour.


5. How to: ditch stains on your nails
To remove stains from your nails, mix 1tbs of lemon juice in a cup of water and soak your tips in it, massaging around the nail bed.



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