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A Little TLC

A Little TLC

When it comes to our daily hand care regimes, there is one very important component that many of us are often guilty of negiecting.

Although your clients may believe they are deploying the right amount of attention to ensure the well-being and appearance of the hands and fingertips, exactly how much time are they devoting to their cuticles? Unfortunately, more often than not, this essential part of the nail structure is often overlooked.

nail art design idea

nail art design idea

Tidy, neat cuticles add to the overall well -manicured and desired polished look of nails, yet their real function lies much deeper. No doubt a large proportion of your clients may be unaware of the importance cuticles play in protecting and safeguarding the health of their nails.

“The [cuticle] protects the matrix from infection,” explain Jane Foulston et al in The Arr and Science of Beauty therapy. “The matrix is where the cells oi the nail plate and nail bed are produced. it lies mostly beneath the nail and the nail bed with only the tip of the root visible through the nail plate as the lunula [the half-moon on our fingertips]. The matrix produces keratin cells for the nail plate and bed pushing older cells forward along the finger or toe as it does so.”

“Heaithy nail growth begins with the cuticle; so for long, beautiful nails, proper cuticle care is a must,” adds Susan Gerrard, Managing Director of Gerrard International. “As well as being the source of new nail growth, cuticles work as barrier against bacteria getting between the skin and nail — cuticle care not only has aesthetic results, but it also works to prevent infection in the nail area.”

With outioles playing such a vital role to the health and strength of nails, your clients will be eager to hear your expert advice on the correct methods of care. By educating and sharing top tips during your professional manicure and pedicure treatments, you can ensure your clients‘ cuticies are shown some much-needed TLC both in the salon and at home.

Take care

Cuticle work in the salon environment will involve a number of products and tools. With such factors as age, lifestyle and the environment all affecting the appearance of the cuticles, you will no doubt have to contend with, and deploy, varying degrees of cuticle care depending on the presenting individual.

“Most clients have dry skin around the nail plate that they are keen to eliminate,” says Bryony McMillan, OPI Educator. “It is not enough to just oil these areas, the dead cells have to be exfoliated and the oil will be working on the new cell growth below the surface of the skin. Regular exfoliation helps to stop the cuticle from sticking to the nail plate and tearing. It also helps to eliminate hangnails and other such cuticle conditions.”

“Overgrown cuticles not only make it difficult to paint the nail, they reduce the size of the naii bed making nails look shorter, ” adds Emma Lynwode, Business and Education Manager for Essie UK. “If you continually keep cuticles nourished they are easier to push back and don’t adhere so much to the nail plate.”


Yet even though the work to revitalise this area of the body will begin here, the hard work to maintain the end results must continue in-between appointments. Luckily with a weaith of retail items available, of which many can be incorporated during your professional services, seize the opportunity to educate your clients on the benefits of at-home maintenance and, at the same time, help boost your business‘ retail sales.

“Encouraging your client to look after her cuticles at home means you have less remedial work to do in the salon, and [this] will also keep her manicure looking fresher for longer,” notes Emma.

“Using retail products as part of your treatment will help the client to see how and when they should be used as well as how effective they can be,” says Bryony. “lt is the most effective way of selling home care products. If you are using the products in the treatment, then the client knows that they are getting the professional product that they have the confidence in to work.”








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