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Brow Mance

Brow Mance

Gone are the clays of the sparse and overbluckeci brows of the nineties. Today big, bushy and beautiful brows are firmly back in fashion, thanks in large part to models like Cara Delevingne, whose trademark brows have sent her career into the stratosphere.

brow 2“Brow treatments are the key to any look right now. Make-up artists are focusing more on brows than any other part of the face when doing a make-up treatment. They shape the face and acid lots of definition to any look, whether they are really clark or light or have a high arch or just pencilled in, they are very effective,” says Audrey Heffernan, Head Trainer at Hennessy Hair 81 Beauty Supplies.

“Brow trends often change with the seasons, and clients will often ask for looks inspired by celebrities and the catwalk. While it is key to keep up with this, it is important to give your clients brows that will suit them — Megan Fox’s brows won’t match everyone‘s face shape, and it is important to educate your client on this,” adds Nilam Holmes-Patel, CEO and Founder of HD Brows.

So how do you go about educating your clients on the brow treatments available and what shape works best for them? Audrey explains: “It is important when advertising your brow treatment that you put up pictures of a variety of styles and colours and some ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.

“Make sure that you include all ages of clientele in your pictures. Sometimes the more mature lady will be afraid of brow treatments because they think they are geared more towards the younger age group. [But] your more mature lady is likely be your loyal customer, whilst your teenager may only be a one-off and someone who tends to go from salon to salon depending on the offers,” Audrey concludes.

Kerie Hoy, Head Trainer of Billion Dollar Brows in the UK suggests: “A brow treatment has become a real treat with brow artistry brands transforming the market, so customers want to feel oam oered when they have their brows done. Work with your customers to make them feel special, and let them know that you will work with them to give them the right brow for them and their face.“

In terms of marketing these treatments, Kerie recommends a similar approach to Audrey’s suggestions: “You should really think about tailoring the message and benefits by the age of the customers. For a younger audience, you can focus on the transformation message and fashion / beauty trends, and with the older customer the real benefit is the way having their brows done properly can make them look 10 years younger. ”


Brow-down to training

Of course, by Offering such a specialised service as brow artistry, you and your feliow therapists are likely to require a lot more training than the usual wax and tint that you may be used to offering your clients, to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends.

“In order to update your orow services to offer the latest looks, and to really enhance and evolve your skills, it‘s important to invest in a reputable training course and continually revisit training on a regular basis. Knowledge is power and education ensures you can stay one-step ahead of your competitors. Without it, the beauty industry would never evolve,” says Nilam.


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