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Easy on the Eye

Easy on the Eye

For those women who haven‘t been blessed with naturally, long, curly lashes, the answer usecl to lie in hastily applied DIY strip lashes or a quick perm and tint at their local salon. Fortunately, today’s lash treatments have injected sorne much-needed glamour into this once neglected area, making luscious lashes high on the beauty priority list — no matter what the occasion.

Fuelled by the increasingly dramatic eye looks worn by oelebrities, actors and singers on a daily basis, like the fuller flutters seen on Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez, luscious lashes are no longerjust kept for special occasions.

eye-make-up-easy-on-the-EyeAs with most trends, this has subsequently filtered through to the high street and beyond – creating demand from a plethora of clients from teenagers through to your more mature clientele.

Whether it’s sexy and full, or fun and flirtatious, modern lash treatments often include the use of beautiful, long-lasting lash enhancements available as individual lashes, flares or strips, created from high quality materials which have been curied and conditioned to look like natural lashes.

When applied and removed properly, todav’s lash enhancements create no damage to the natural lashes, and simply fall out when the lashes are shed in their natural cycle every 8-12 weeks. A new set of lashes can then be applied, meaning repeat business for the salon and guaranteed satisfaction for your clients.

Once seen as an add-on treatment to make-up applications, lash treatments have now become a luxurious sewice in their Own right.

Treatments can be priced depending on how often a client comes for an appointment, and of course what each treatment entails — usually the longer between appointments the more expensive the treatment, as En the case of lash extensions more lashes will need replacing.


Lash health

As well as enabling you to offer an in- dernand treatment, lash treatments today are also about maintaining and improving the health of lashes.

Just as external factors such as harmful environmental influences and harsh make-up removal can be responsible for sensitive skin, so too can they be responsible tor lashes not reaching their maximum length.

Thankfully, a number of products are now available which are applied to the lash line and lashes themselves to help condition and encourage new growth. Whilst they can often be incorporated into treatments, these products also prove to be ideal retail items for clients Who simply want to improve the quality and appearance of their natural lashes Without wearing enhancements.

So, with the demand for innovative eyelash treatments soaring, the eyelash market is simply brimming with new ideas to hetp your clients achieve the latest looks.

From lash lengthening mascaras and conditioning serums through to the latest lash application techniques and high quality lashes, there’s bound to be something you can introduce into your salon to ensure that your profits lift as well as your clients’ lashes.


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