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Glitz and sparkle – 1

Glitz and sparkle – 1

The way our nails are decorated is a reflection of our inner personality and mood, as weil as a complement to an outfit.

Most nail techs will have undoubtedly dabbied in nail art in some form, whether it’s at the most basic level by adding a touch of glitter through to the more sophisticated encapsulation and one-stroke nail art techniques, but as clients begin to demand something difierent from you. you may wish to up the ante.


if you are completely new to the world of nail art, or are seriously lacking in inspiration, there are many online galleries to take a peek at for a little motivation. Seeing other people’s work will shed some light onto the matter and even if there isn’t a design you fancy trying, it could set a whole new world of ideas rolling by just looking at what materials have been used. Many suppliers of nail products offer an array of different materials to inspire you and suit most of your clients‘ tastes; from foils and additives right through to feathers, nail transfers and Fimo nail art canes to add a three dimensional look.

Join the glitterati

Introducing glitter to your nail art is perhaps one of the easiest ways to vamp up your designs. Available as glitter polishes (usually premixed in a clear base) and individual pots of glitter flakes that you can add to polishes, gels and acrylics to your heart’s desire, the sheer variety of colours and sizes of glitter means the possibilities are truly endless for both you and your clients. “As a product glitter is very easy to use and does create a very striking alternative to just a standard polish colour,” says Marie-Louise Coster of All About Mi Hair & Beauty Training. “The glitter needs to be applied with a flat brush — much like a gel brush — to the tacky layer of the polish. So when using with a gel-style polish apply the glitter to the second coat of polish  but do not remove the tacky layer  and apply your top coat over the top and cure for the final time, before removing the tacky layer.” Marie-Louise goes onto advise that glitter should be applied at the same point in a standard polish also (i.e after the second coat but before the top coat) and adds that she “would suggest keeping a separate top coat for when you are using glitters. ”

Foiled again

Using Foils on your client‘s nails is another easy way to add a quick injection of colour and they can be bought in a number of different patterns and colour-ways to help meet your clients‘ every need. They can be used as a whole piece to get the full effect of the pattern or can be used as flecks to add accents where needed. Once again the trick here is to apply them to the second tacky layer prior to the final application of a top coat.


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