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Glitz and sparkle – 2

Glitz and sparkle – 2

It all adds up

Additives are pots of pure pigmented powders and glitters that can be mixed into any nail sculpting medium, such as powders and gels and can also be layered over polishes to create a variety of different effects. As Marie-Louise explains: “Additives are the perfect addition to a coloured polish to change the colour of it slightly and vary the effect, meaning that you can double your available colours with just one additive.

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They are also a great way of offering different colours that are perhaps not available as a polish, because if you apply a white base colour the additive will come out as a true reflection of its colour and look as it does in the pot. Additives can also be used to create an easy marble or multi coloured effect. “As with the others [nail art mediums] you would prepare the nail and apply your base coat and two coats of colour, the additive would then be added to the tacky layer before applying a top coat and curing. l would advise using a flat, square gel brush as you would with a glitter – and press it on in your desired pattern. It is also very easy to etch into an additive showing your base colour in the pattern or word you etch.”

Transfer to a new art form

Transfers (aka stickers) are perhaps the quickest and easiest way to add some bling to your clients‘ nails. Although often difficult to pick up and apply depending on the thickness and durability of the transfer once applied the transfer can often be encapsulated to avoid the tell-tale lumps and bumps that have been associated with using transfers in the past. Of course, one of the main selling points of nail transfers is that whatever the theme, there’s bound to be a transfer to suit.

Live life in 3D

One of the many advantages of three dimensional nail art is that it allows both you and your client to be as classy or as quirky as you like. Some of the more popular three-dimensional designs include flowers, beads and raised transfers, but as clients get more daring why not introduce them to such things as small studs and pearls in the shapes of hearts, rings and bows and even small models of food, shoes and handbags, to name but a few. If you’re looking to sculpt your own 3D nail art then products such as coloured gels and acrylics will undoubtedly be your go to products of choice. but why not think outside the box. For example did you know that CND’“’ Shellac can be used to create stunning 3D effects simply by layering the product’? Check out this month’s Trading Places feature to see how this is done. Alternatively, if you want to diversify from the traditional nail art supplies then look to your local stationary store for different types of paints and head over to the haberdashery store for quirky fabrics, buttons and lace.

A lasting impression

Of course, one of the main reasons clients choose to have their nails done at the salon is the longevity that salon nails offer. With this in mind it’s important to reassure your clients that your nail art offerings will last just as long as their regular nails. One way to ensure your nail art stands up to everyday wear and tear is to encapsulate it. Suitable for both acrylic and gel systems, the encapsulation technique allows you to create permanent nail art, by sealing in the designs with a protective topcoat of acrylic or UV gel.

Not only does this method allow you to encapsulate different mediums or materials, it also allows you to create complex three-dimensional designs, as explained earlier, and encase them on the nail without the risk of chipping, even if your client works with their hands on a regularbasis. Whatever type of nail art you decide to introduce, don’t forgot to add on a nominal charge to your normal prices for the additional service you are offering to ensure that you cover your costs for material sand your time. As long as this is clearly explained to customers before hand, most of your clients will happily agree to pay for something extra special.


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