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Just the Tip . . .

Just the Tip . . .

Encourage your clients to update their fingertips this season with the very lastest trends in nail shapes.

With every season. Nail brands showcase e fresh colleclion of hip hues not only inspired by the time of year but by the styles seen on the fashion catwalks and red carpets worldwide. Clients are always eager to be kept informed of

nail trends - nail art

nail trends – nail art

these must-have shades in order to ensure their talons are suitably on trend, yet updating their nails look doesn’t have to end there. From Gothic Almond to striking Coffin, why not also introduce your ladies to the very latest trends in nail shapes. Many of your clients may assume that only a limited number of tip styles are available. Timeless shapes such as rcund and square will always remain popular, but for those individuals who wish to update their look with more than just colour, you can encourage them to embrace the array of nail designs on offer.

 In style

So what styles are currently making an impect in the world of nails? “Nail shapes come and go, and then come back again and the recent leaning towards trend shapes such as Coffin nails and Lipstick are still veriants of our classic styles,” explains Tara Oldham, Brand Manager at alessandro International. “Coffin shape nails hail from the Almond shape nail, but with a blunt square free edge to give them a modern twist, while Lipstick shape nails that are cut on the slant have all the hall marks of a classic Square nail.”

“Other shapes that are gaining more popularity include Pipe, Russian and Gothic Almonds,” adds Annamaria Farkas of Crystal Nails. “Pipe as the name suggests is a tube shape and has a sharp smile line.

This shape can also be created from short nails and is comfortable to wear.

“Gothic and Russian Almond shapes are prettier and narrower versions of the Classic Almond,” she continues. “They are simple and quick to create — perfect for those ladies who do not feel comfortable wearing a Stiletto but still long for slim and graceful nails.”

When it comes to flexing your creative flair and trying out these fresh trends, adapting your existing techniques will allow you to add that extra dimension to your nail services. “Creating these nail shapes is not difficult to accomplish if you have mastered the staple nail shapes — Square, Almond and Squoval — they just require tweaking,” notes Tara.

“As always when creating nails with a specific shape it is important to make sure that you not only use the correct tip to suit the client’s nail shape, but the correct style of tip to help you create your nail shape,“ she explains. “A Lipstick style nail requires a non-tapered tip, while a Coffin shaped tip can be created from a tapered style tip. “Sculpting nails like these is fine if you are a confident sculptor; however it is essential that you create all 10 nails the same which requires the forms to be fitted correctly to each nail so you can follow the same gridlines on all nails.

“Whether you are a get or acrylic tech, both mediums are ideal for sculpting these nail shapes. However for gels, techs should look to use buff off sculpting gels as the viscosity of these products allows you to create nails that hold their shape rather than self-level and leave you with flat nails,” Tara suggests. “If using a liquid and powder system, think about your customers‘ nail type and use a liquid that will work with their nails to minimise lifting so that nails last for longer.”

If you feel that your current skills may need a little refresher, take a look at the latest courses available and speak to  your nail brand of choice. They will be able to offer expert advice on relevant training, in addition to providing information on the array of products available to help you accomplish these new creations. “It is essential to use high quality products, but I would highlight the importance of product knowledge and proper training to achieve the desired beautiful shape your clients will adore,” advises Annamaria. “During training, you will be introduced to the products and tools that are required to produce these extreme shapes.”

Let your talons do the talking!

When it comes to nail shapes, making your clients aware of what’s available is sure to spark their interest, and who better to become a walking advert for these new styles than you!

“Try to wear these new shapes yourself,“ says Laura Maddock, Education Specialist at Grafton lnternational. “By wearing them, you allow customers to see them on and  how you work with them, thus encouraging them to try out new styles for themselves. Sometimes a new shape can be e daunting prospect for some clients, so make it easy for them to switch.”

The new wave of nail shapes also provides the ideal canvas for getting creative. Nail art is one trend that continues to dominate within the fashion world and an increasing number of clients are now stepping into salons with requests ranging anywhere from sweet and subtle designs to full-on statement fingertips. So why not also encourage clients to embrace not one, but two new nail looks.

“All the [afore mentioned] nail shapes can be further enhanced with nail art,” adds Annamaria. “The choice is endless. From 3D design, One Move painting, transfer foil design to Aquarelle painting — only your imagination will be the limit.”


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