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Reverse French Manicures

Reverse French Manicures

The French Manicure is arguably at the liop of the list when it comes to naming classic nail looks. Recognisable worldwide, the timeless style remains e firm client favourite, yet recent years have witnessed an alternative take on this trend emerge.


Whether spied on the fashion runways or sported on the red carpet by such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez. Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus. the Reverse French manicure is currently breathing new life back into the original design.


“The Reverse French manicure is exactly as it sounds. imagine a French tip that is upside down on a nail,” explains Bryony McMillan. OPI Educator. “The bottom part of the nail will be coloured differently to the rest of the nail, usually [with] colours suchas black and white, to really make this effect stand out.


“This trend is gaining popularity due to the diversity of looks that can be created. The trend has also adapted into ‘half-moon manicures’ where the half-moon/lunula of the nail is enlarged and accentuated using a colour that contrasts to the other part of the nail.”


“Instead of painting the tip of the nail in a different shade, the cuticle area or half-moon of the nail is painted in a contrasting shade.” adds Tara Oldham, Brand Manager for alessandro international.


“Unlike the popular pink and white look favoured by a traditional French Manicure, a Reverse French normally sports contrasting colours so that the uniqueness of the look stands out,” she continues. “The Reverse Frenchwas a popular look in the 1930’s (also known as ihe half-moon manicure) and nowadays the vintage look and feel of the Reverse French has been updaied by using bold colours and funky designs.”


Ooh la la!

With daring nail art creations capturing the public’s imagination, more clients than ever before are now willing to try something a little different when it comes to their talons. The Reverse French manicure makes for a great introduction into this sector, offering a simple and tun way in which to inject a unique twist to your ladies‘ nail appointments.


When it comes to the Reverse French, literally anything goes! Depending on your client and her individual style. you could opt to use the traditional French Manicure palette of pinks, whites and neutral colours, or switch up the shades to incorporate purples, blues, reds,

golds and silvers to create a real comrasiing ‘wow’ staiement.


“Make sure your coiours comptement each oiher. whether you are going for a colour clash. colour contrast or a subtleblended look,” advises Tara. “The nails have to have a good length. This doesn’t mean long nails; it just means that the nail bed has to be long otherwise the effect will be lost.”


“For these types of rnanicures, colour combinations such as red and black, black and white, and silver and white look fantastic,” recommends Bryony.


“A Reverse French can be as subtle or loud as the client chooses it to be, which is why it is becoming more and more popular,” says Tara. “Bold, bright Colours with an edgy design may suit the more adventurous of us. but a more subtle reverse pink and white or bare half-moon with a bright red can look classic, chic and understated and suitthe more adventurous of us, but a more subtle reverse pink and white or bare half-moon with a bright red can look classic. chic and understated and suit the more reserved client.”


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