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Stiletto Nails -2

Stiletto Nails -2

Super sculptors

As with any enhancen’lent,there are essentially two ways to create your Stiletto shape – through sculpting over a torrn or by applying a tip (unless your client has suitably long nails that will enable you to simply overlay gel or acrylic!). Each tech will have their preference based on experience and personal choice.”l much prefer to sculptespecially for longer styles,”says Ruth. “lf sculpting makes your knees turn to jelly,firstly think about attending a workshop,” say OPl.“The extra  skills you learn will help your everyday application and although many techs haven‘t sculpted since college,once you’ve tackled your fear you’ll love it!”

Stiletto nails

Stiletto nails

“Using nail forms (to sculpt) rather than tips is a great way to individually tailortreatments and offer some exciting different shapes,”advises Nubar Educator Belinda Price.

“Nubar nail forms  not Only stick well but have guides to follow for different lengths and shapes. The metallic finish makes curing in UV more efficient.As with everything,once you know what you are doing, practice will make you so proficient you may wonder why you ever tipped!“

Carol adds:”I would say to sculpt out a Stiletto you definitely need to use Stiletto forms.| use Crystal Nails  ones and Nail Gaga are good too. For smaller ones I use NSI silver forms.”

“Good quality forms such as Crystal Nails, NSI and Nail Gaga‘s  help to make sure your Stilettos are a good shape,and are straight.l often (and with all shapes} draw an imaginary line from the centre ofthe cuticle area,up to the point you are finishing your nail,to keep the nails straight,“advises Ruth.

Secrets Stiletto Nail Forms, available from NSl, are optimum for shaping Stiletto, edge, gothic Almond or costomary square.“This and surface of the forms enhances the C Curve making stylish nails easy to sculot,”explains NSl’s Rachel Scaife.

“Salon System otters several ranges which are great for creating Stiletto nails including the Acrylux and Gellux Hard Gel Kit ,”says Rachel Gribble.”The Profile Nail Forms are also great for creating Stiletto points.“

Astonishing Nails has developed new nail forms suitable tor sculpting Stilettos.”These forms are produced with a special glue; the nail form will not loosen during application,”explains Asu Nail & Beauty Supplies’ Suzanne Alcock Thompson.“And with the adding of special Stiletto lines, Stiletto nails are very easily created.They are suitable for most nail types and can be used with both acrylics and gel.”

Top tips

If you choose to work with tips, use those that are created specifically for Stiletto shapes.“lf using tips, it’s better to use specific tips for each shape. Using standard tips and shaping to Stiletto can mean the shape curves downward,and doesn’t work too well,” recommends Ruth.

“Stiletto Tips don’t just look amazing,they save you valuable time in not having to build up the nail before app|ication,”says Nazila Malik, founder of Nazila Love Glarnour,who have recently launched their Stiletto Tips product. “They are quick and easy to use, beautifully shaped for creating elegant hands and nails, leaving fingers looking long and elegant,” she adds.

Alternatively,with a bit ofclever shaping and a good pinching technique, the OPI structure tip is versatile enough to hold the Stiletto shape.and as they come in three colours (natural, white and clear), are great for design work .

Secrets Edge Tips from NSI create a great canvas to create beautiful, high-fashion enhancements.A 3D pyramid-style Stiletto means that these tips are practical enough in length for everyday wear.

The Edge offer Stiletto Clear and French White Tips. “The clear tip is ideal for nail art etc,” explains Director atThe Edge. Anna Gerrnaine.”We also have our Artisan 24 assorted tip for an extreme,dramatic look – ideal for avant-garde nail art and competition work,”


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