Nails Art Mania

Love Your Nails ♥



Sea Gems Acrylic are finely crushed sea

shells pie-mixed with glitter and acrylic,

available in a range of six iridescent colours

that can be used with Attraction Nail Liquid.


Step I – After preparing the natural nail,

apply your first bead of Purely Pink Masque.

Start at the cuticle and work towards the free

edge extend the nail plate.

 stiletto, stiletto step by step

Stiletto step by step

Step 2 – Using an Endurance l00 Grit File

shape the new Free edge into at deep smile

line and apply a platinum nail form.


Step 3 – Using the Plum TechNail colour

apply the first bead onto the smile line and

Free edge and allow to set. Using a mixture of

the Plum and Lilac TeehNail colours, apply

the second bead onto the smile line and



Step 4 – Apply a bead of the pre-mixed Sea

Gems onto the free edge and blend, once set

file and shape into a stiletto .



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