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Stroke Of Genius

Stroke Of Genius

One Stroke Nail Art offers you the opportunity to create stunning, wearable acrylic paint designs that will wow your clients.

Although there is certainly a huge amount of skill in creating this 3D effect art form, once you are com petent at the basics of this painting technique, you can gain inspiration from all around to ensure your clients leave your salon showcasing a gallery of little works of art.

nail-art-design-flowersSometimes referred to as Double Dipping, One Stroke is literally just that — one stroke with a brush to create a design on the nail.

The key — and where the double dipping name comes from — is that your brush is dipped in two colours at once, one colour on each side of the brush’s bristles – also referred to a double loading. “To double load, load half in the brush in one colour and the other half in a different colour. Your stroke will be lighter on one side and darker on the other with the middle area softly blended,“explains Zsuzsanna Varga, Educator at Susan’s Nails.

“lf using a slanted brush, apply the brighter colour to the longer side ofthe brush, and the darker colour on the shorter side ofthe brush,”adds Alexandra Méhész,Crystal Nails’ international Master Educator.

Once you have created your basic design, you can add light and shade by highlighting with darker and lighter colours. “For a realistic look, keep detailing and highlighting delicate,” advises Nobel Nails‘ Louise Callaway.

“And don’t use heavy or dark outlines on flowers – it creates a sticker look.”

Most commonly designs follow a floral theme, as the technique enables you to effectively recreate petals and leaves, however the only limit is your imagination; different strokes with differing brushes will create different shapes. The main shapes you will create during One Stroke are an S,C,U and Shell Stroke. Once you’ve mastered the technique of creating and putting these strokes together, you can play with unlimited colour ways and designs; it’s really about practice and imagination.


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