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Talking Trends

Talking Trends

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, there’s something satisfying about leaving those Summery days behind you and embracing all the delightful fashion and beauty trends of the new season ahead.

With this in mind, now is the perfect time to encourage your clients to clean out their make-up bags and invest in the latest cosmetic products that will see them through the Autumn / Winter season and beyond into 2015.

Back in March, the fashion pack set the wheels in motion for the new season’s cosmetic trends by strutting their stuff in a variety of outfits that were each complemented by amazingly dewy skin and strong eye make-up looks.

beauty-woman-makeup From precious metals at Flodarte to colour flash shading in hues of purple at Burberry Prorsum, Chloe and Diane Von Furstenberg; blue at Dior, Versace and Kenzo, and khaki at Anna Sui and Derek Lam, the backstage make-up artists unleashed their creativity and placed the emphasis firmly back onto the eyes for the Autumn / Winter 2014 beauty palettes.

For the iarge part, lips remained bare this year, or where a wash of colour was needed a subtle stain of berry red was the go to colour of choice.

Brows again created an impact on the catwalk, primarily thanks to MUA Pat McGrath who was responsible for creating both the ‘bleached’ look of the Givenchy models and the feathered extravaganzas that adorned Alexander McQueen’s models’ brows.

Meanwhile, lashes varied from the doll-eyed deliberately clumpy- looking mascara seen at Prada through to the barely there looks which concentrated entirely on the creative use of eyeliner, such as the sharp oat flicks that were seen at the Jean Paul Gaultier and Kenzo shows, alongside the graphic illustration-inspired look of ultra-fine red and black lines created by Estée Lauder Creative Make-up Director, Torn Pecheux for Anthony Vacoarello in Paris.

As for cheeks, these were either elegantly flushed – with just a hint of pink, or sculpted and shimmering with an iridescent glow thanks to some expertly applied highlighter.


From catwalk to clients

So how does all this transpose to clients? The trick with recreating any catwalk style is usually to focus on one particular aspect. For example, mature clients may want to steer away from tiber dewy skin but they could easily adopt the new season’s colour flash look for the eyes by using graduating shades of heather greys and purples to recreate a smouldering yet age-friendly smokey eye effect.

Younger clients, on the other hand are more likely to loe open to experimentation and couicl easily carry off more than one of this season’s make-up trends, for example by switching their foundation to one with a dewy finish; using brighter and bolder shades of blue and purple on the eyes; trialling the latest eyelash enhancement methods such as Lash Perfect’s Russian Layering Technique, and even bleaching their brow colour from brown to blonde. as taught in classes iike ILAH Brows‘ Level 3 Colour Technician course.

Whatever your clients‘ desire, it’s important that you carry the stock required to meet their needs; whilst we’re not suggesting a complete overhaul of your current palettes, consider what make-up items you sold the most of last season and which were slow movers and buy new stock accordingly. If, for example, your clients were quick to tap into last season’s eye shadow trends then these would be an obvious place to start but if the dewy foundations are still left on your shelves from Spring / Summer, maybe now would be a good time to give them a marketing push to help them fly off the shelves and into your clients‘ Autumn /Winter make-up bags.

To help ease the transition to Autumn /Winter make-up for your clients, it could also be worthwhile holding a promotional event demonstrating the latest looks; depending on your clientele this could be anything from teaming up with independent clothing stores in your area and creating your very own Autumn / Winter catwalk event through to holding make-up lessons on achieving this season’s key looks.


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