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The Great Soak Off

The Great Soak Off

Over the past few years, soak-off gel applications have taken the nail industry by storm. Influenced by the high client demand for both pretty and practical nails, their popularity has soared and fast become the enhancement system of choice for nail technicians the world over.

soak-off gel

Indeed the modern woman now requires her talons to keep up with the demands of our hectic daily diaries, from work right through to play, which means we need both a durable and fashionable solution.

Setting in seconds thanks to the assistance of curing lamps, soak-off gel applications allow nail technicians to provide a rapid and precise treatment.

Clients love the fact that they don’t have to wait for their nails to dry before leaving the salon, and that they can be confident that even after two weeks their nail colour will still look as good.

Super soak

The sheer versatility provided by soak-off gels has added a host of advantages to salon treatment menus, meaning you can offera range of services all tailor-made to your client’s own specific requirements.

“Soak-off gels are very appealing to the consumer which is why you should consider this as an optional treatment for your customers,” comments Nataliya Al- Ta’ai, CND Education Ambassador.

“it is a very flexible treatment as it does not require long-term commitment and could be safely and easily removed in just 10 to 30 minutes, depending on which soak—off gel you are using.”

The main difference between soak-off gels compared to their hard gel counterparts is that they can be removed gently. Many brands require you only to gently buff away the sealant layer of top coat, before soaking off the bulk of the product. Thanks to their special formulation and technology, you can soak-off the application in minutes by using a special product remover and thus any potential damage to the natural nail plate is diminished.

Due to their design, soak-off gels tend to offer more flexibility than hard gels which allow them to blend seamlessly with your client’s own set of natural nails.

Additionally, with a cacophony of colour options included within the ranges on the market, and thanks to the ease of their removal, they prove particularly useful for those customers who like to regularly switch up their talon hues and styles.

“Soak-off gels are great for flexibility, providing excellent service to clients with sensitive nails,” says Nataliya. “They also provide healthy nail enhancement services to your clients who only require enhancements for a special occasion and do not want a long term nail care commitment.

“They are also ideai for use while learning nail technology due to easy removal, which allows students to apply and remove the product safely without damage to the natural nail.”


Removal process

So, what exactly does the soak-off removal procedure entail? ”To avoid damage of the natural nail during the removal process, remove the bulk of the product using a 180—grit file and wrap up the nails with cotton, saturated in remover and foil,” explains Nataliya.

“Allow the product to soften [for the brand’s recommended period of time] and then gently glide the remaining product off the nail using an orangewood stick and a very light touch.

She adds: “Avoid forcing We product off the nail and do not use metal implements as doing so will damage the natural nail. This is where a lot of mistakes are made and trauma can happen — an orangewood stick is kinder to the natural nail in many ways. If the product is a bit stubborn, rewrap the nails again for a couple o minutes and repeat gentle removal steps ”.


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