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You’ve got Male

You’ve got Male

According to recent findings, more men than ever before are now enjoying salon and Spa treatments and investing in the vast array of grooming products at their disposal.

“We’ve seen a steady growth in men coming into salons for treatments as they continue to take pride in their appearances and get more adventurous with their beauty regimes,”comments Ian Revitt, Commercial and Marketing Director at Salon Services UK and lretand.

male-manicure-beautySo if you’re oonsidering capitalising on the current celebratory wave of male grdoming, why not seize the opportunity to refresh your current manicure menu to catch the eye of this potential and lucrative new sector of clients. Introducing a more male aspect to your services can be achieved with ease thanks to some carefully thought adjustments to your most popular salon treatments. Why not start by rethinking your existing manicure offerings?

When we think of a traditional manicure, we often conjure up thoughts of our hands being treated to a menagerie of luxurious and aromatic products ptus the thrill of perusing though the cacophony of pretty colours to adorn our newly revived fingertips. From a male perspective, the thought of this may understandabty leave them a little daunted as to what they can expect from the process. However. with a range of unisex and even specially created skin and nail care products taiiored specificaily for men, you can assure them that male manicures will leave their nails suitably spiuced for that special occasion or for their everyday professional working environment without a hint of a feminine aroma or a sparkly polish in sight.

Although most of your existing nail kit will easily translate over to your male- focused manicure services, the needs of women and men will naturally differ. “Men’s hands and nails are generally more neglected, says Flachel Gribble, Educator for Salon System. “So you are more likely to see problems such as hang nails, overgrow of cutioles, white spots and spilt or broken nails.”

“Many men work with their hands every clay and a monthly manicure will help get rid of any calluses from theirjob or dirt build-up from doing yard or house work,“ adds Lyclia Sarfati, CEO and Founder of Repechage.

With your male clients requiring a little bit more TLC, emphasis that the end outcome of the manicure is not only to showcase a clean and sophisticated look but also to ensure the optimum health of the hands and nails. During your initial consultation, ask if they have any areas of concern they wish to address. For example, they may undertake some fonn of manual work as their profession so are particularly concerned with rough, cracked skin or weak, splitting nails? Male manicures will help to transform these concerns by providing much-needed moisture to dry hands, tidying the cuticles, working to improve the strength of nails and allowing therapists to shape them neatly to present a wetl-groomed appearance.

Boys only

Whilst the industry can be encouraged by the news that more male clients are stepping through the threshold of salon doors across the country, some members of the opposite sex may still feel slightly nervous prior to their first manicure appointment. This can easily be alleviated by simply explaining what they can expect from the treatment before they arrive, adding the details of both the full protocol and products used throughout to your menu list and website so they can peruse at their leisure.

It’s also worth noting that whilst your male manicure clients are keen to get their nails in tip-top shape, they may be visiting the salon on their lunch hour or in-between daily duties. Therefore, the demand for nail and hand care products that are as ‘discreet’ as possible will be in high demand. Opt for scrubs, lotions and oils that emit a more masculine or gender neutral scent and utilise the many products that are invisible to the eye once applied offering a natural look. “Use products that don‘t look or smell overly feminine and use darker towels and heated mitts rather than water,” advises Rachel. “Also, it’s good to think about the way your table is set up, ensuring it is kept minimalist and simple.”

“To make your male client feel comfortable I would perhaps perform the treatment in a quieter part of the salon. so as not to have them in the middle of the salon,” adds Audrey Hefiernan. OPI Educator for Hennessy Hair & Beauty Supplies. “You want him to feel comfortable so that he will keep coming back for treatments.“

The advantages of adding male manicures to your beauty menu have the potential to continue long after the treatment has been performed. Encourage your clients to keep up the good work away from the salon by retailing a selection of home care items, providing you with those all- important sales helping to further boost you business‘ bottom line.

“Remind them the importance of utilising a hand cream,” says Lydia. “Especially as the months get colder and skin becomes drier. It is important to molsturise to keep hands and cuticles smooth, not dry and cracked.”

“With male clients, it’s best to keep after care advice simple,” says Rachel. “A hand cream and cuticle oil will help them to take care of their hands and nails, and don’t forget to recommend regular ‘man-icures‘ too.”


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